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What is the Wild MooseTM card game?
Wild Moose is a new, unique, fast-paced card game with challenges, twists, excitement, and fun for the whole family. It's educational, too!
Educational? Tell me more.
Kids will be having too much fun to realize that they're exercising their memories, thinking strategically, and practicing their math skills. To play the game successfully, kids will need to remember which cards have been played. They'll have to reason which card to play and which cards to save. They'll need to "do the math" to decide which card is the best one to play for that round.
Is Wild Moose fun for the whole family?
Yes! Kids as young as seven years old will enjoy playing Wild Moose. And it's fun, challenging, and exciting for the whole family, even the adults.
How can you fit so much fun into one card game?
Our game design team never runs out of imaginative ideas! Wild Moose has twists that keep the game interesting and fun. To win, you need to get rid of all your cards by playing your best, passing your worst, and trying to keep the Wild Moose on your side! But when one of the twists comes in, anyone can win!
Sounds like a great game! Where can I find it?
Excellent question. On the left of the screen you'll see Purchase Wild Moose. You'll find all the details there!

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